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Focus of Study at ZIFG

In the center of instruction at ZIFG is imparting knowledge from the thematic topics of interdisciplinary Gender Studies, especially the field of tension found in the nature/culture dichotomy as well as the different approaches in society, research and technology. We ask how gender difference is inscribed into social structures, systems of action and thought, in cultural, technical and academic objectivities – how gender difference is inscribed in asymmetrical power relations; what the relationship is between gender and other categories of social order and how certain social and cultural patterns marked as "masculine" were and are able to persevere as the dominant patterns. ZIFG participates in the BA and MA programs of study in Faculty I and offers transdisciplinary courses for students in any field of study at the TU-Berlin as well as all other institutions of higher education in Berlin.

Educational Objectives:

  • To be able to work with theoretical and methodological instruments and concepts in order to analyze gender relations and gendered order in their individual, structural and cultural-symbolic aspects
  • To practice gender sensitivity within technical, social, cultural, political and academic realities
  • To acquire proficiency in the history and theoretical developments of women’s and gender studies in specific disciplines
  • To grasp how gender functions in systems of thought, in the practice and content of various academic disciplines, and in the boundaries between the two
  • To cultivate gender competencies as well as the ability to apply and evaluate gender-political instruments in later professional experience


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