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Graduate Colloquium at ZIFG

The graduate colloquium at ZIFG is a running working group that meets weekly during the semester and offers graduate students the opportunity to present and discussion dissertations and exam theses. The work of the colloquium members as concerns the objects [of study], the form of inquiry and disciplinary location is quite heterogeneous. The point of reference for the projects are queer-feminist theories and approaches, which consider the heteronnormative two-gendered paradigm in its historical interconnectedness with other forms of social difference and heirarchy. In addition, the colloquium offers a context in which one's own research, its institutional frameworks and the forms of subjectivity to which the work is connected can be reflected upon critically. In order to work against the individualization which comes from working toward one's own qualifications, group workshops are organized by the colloquium. Alternative/collective forms of producing knowledge are also discussed and practiced.

At this time, no new doctoral condidates can be accepted into the program.


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